SWAT Virtual Viewing Party


A group of loyal Shemar Moore Fans have joined forces recently to do their part to promote his new show.  CBS recently announced that they have picked up the new pilot for S.W.A.T. and will include it in their Fall 2017 lineup.

Shemar Moore, who played SSA Derek Morgan for 11 years on the hit drama, Criminal Minds left last year to pursue the next level of his dreams! CBS knew that what they had in the talented actor was pure gold and so quickly chose him to shoot a pilot based on the  original series and movie of the same name.  The 2017 version is already expected to far exceed its predecessors with  high-energy action and a cast that seems to have already gelled into a close-knit team.

To show their love and support for Moore a few of his devoted fans have pulled together to plan a big celebration in an effort to rally fans together on November 2nd to watch the premiere of the show.

The SWAT WATCH VIRTUAL VIEWING PARTY invites fans to party like rock stars in the comfort of their homes while encouraging them to post on their social media pages throughout the evening.  Moore fans who are known to be quite active on Social media will surely put their best if not craziest feet forward during the broadcast of the show.

Event organizers have made it clear that they are in no way affiliated with CBS, Sony or anyone associated with SWAT, including Moore himself. The group is simply rallying fans in a, ‘call-to-watch’ with a specific agenda in mind and that is to let Hollywood know that they want Shemar Moore as their next action hero!

“We just want to make sure that SWAT is the #1 show in America! We want Shemar to know how much we appreciate his hard  work and persistence in following his dreams.” says one organizer.

SWAT will air Thursday, November 2, 2017 on CBS, 10 PM, PST.

For more information follow the SWAT Watch Virtual Viewing Party at