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The Book of Hondo is a growing collection of stories that explore the lives of the S.W.A.T. characters during those times when the cameras are not rolling and when Hondo and his team go home to continue their lives. We have indulged our imagination and we have even created our own original characters that will interact with the familiar characters of the show.

The Book of Hondo is dedicated to continuing the  work of creating the best fan fiction this side of everywhere.  We hope you will love our stories as much as we love writing them.  We are soliciting your support for The Book of Hondo and more than that, we are soliciting your support for S.W.A.T. 


*We do not own S.W.A.T. or its characters. We are not affiliated with the show or its creators. We have created our original characters that will come out to play from time-to-time*